Hi, I'm an artist, a Art Director, graphic designer, freelancer. Enjoy my website and works.
You can order design of poster, layout, logo, illustrations, www.
You can buy my drawings, paintings, photos or posters. You can show in your`s gallery my drawings, paintings, photos.

Order by e-mail; bujny@bujny.com

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Personal data:
Jarek Bujny
Contact UK:
Mobile: + 44 783 591 6223
Contact Poland:
Mobile: (+48) 602 631 544
e-mail: bujny@bujny.com

1999 - First class honors degree (Master of Arts) in graphic design at Prof. Jerzy Krechowicz lab. Second specialization in photography under supervision of Witold Wegrzyn
1992-1998 - Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, graphic design at the Painting and Graphics Faculty
1991-1992 - Technical University of Gdansk, dep. of Ship Technology.

1998-2007 Work as Art Director with many Ad agencies, big and small like; TBWA Warsow, www.ixel.pl , etc. Work with ATL and BTL campagnes for BMW, Henkel, Schwarzkopf, UPC, Lukas Bank, Fakro. Cooperation as a freelancer with many companies and non-profit institutions: Baltic Sea Culture Center (Gdansk), The Coastal Theatre (Teatr Wybrzeze), National Baltic Opera (Gdansk), Theatrical Education Center, National Gallery of Arts (Sopot), National Museum (Gdansk), many publishing companies and journals.
1995-1997 Work as Graphic Designer in Adagency "Bum", Press illustration and drawings.

2006 - poster "Made in Poorland" selected and published in the book "Design of Dissent". Rockport Publishers, www.rockpub.com
2005 - Experimental Design, design exhibition, Lisbon, Portugal
2004 - Satyric illustration competition - Short list
2002 - won competition for realisation anti alcohol campaign for kids for major of Gdansk, Gdynia Sopot
2001 - City of Gdansk Award for Young Creators and Scientists
1999 - First class honors degree (Master of Arts) in graphic design at Prof. Jerzy Krechowicz lab
- First prize - project and print of promo materials for the City of Gdansk
1997 - The Scholarship for the Best Student of the Year 1997, founded by the City of Gdansk
1996 - First Prize in the Drawing Contest at Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk

Individual exhibitions
2003 - illustrations, Bad drawings for bad Limeryks, Towarzystwo Gastronomiczne, Gdańsk
2001 - photo/ drawings "Logs/Legs" in Baltic Sea Center, Gdansk
1999 - drawings/ photo, St. Jacek Gallery, Church of St. Nicolas, Gdansk
- drawings/photo "...to the still life with a bit", National Gallery of Arts Sopot
1996 - photos "Pick-less", Gdansk Gallery of Photography
1992 - drawings & painting, Gallery On the 1st Floor, Gdansk

Group exhibitions:
2003 - illustration, Sztockholm Art. Fair, Sveden
2002 - photography, Maison du Lamousine, Paris - France
- drawings, Les Arts Contemporains - Centre d`Art., La Sayne sur mer, France
- drawings, Sans limites, sans frontieres,Limoges- France
- photography, Gdansk`s arts, Gallery A, Starogard Gdanski
- photography/drawings,Critics, Gallery 78, Gynia
- drawings, "Just a man" CSJ, Gdansk
2001 - photo/drawings, "Medium as a medium", National Gallery of Arts (Sopot)
- drawings/posters/exhibition after City of Gdansk Award for Young Creators and Scientists, CLUB ZAK Gdansk
2001 - photo/drawings, "Medium as a medium", National Gallery of Arts (Sopot)
- photography & drawings, "Tractus", Galeria 78, Gdynia
- drawings, City of Gdansk Award for Young Creators and Scientists; CLUB ZAK, Gdansk
1999 - photo/drawings, Old Gallery (Polish Photographers Society, Warsaw)
1998 - photos, Gallery Under the Slant (Malbork)
1997 - photos, "PORTFOLIO '97", National Gallery of Arts Sopot
1996 - photo/drawings, 'PORTFOLIO '96", National Gallery of Arts Sopot drawings (after the contest), Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk
- photos, Nationwide Exhibtion of Photography "Confrontations '96", Gorzow Wielkopolski
1995 - photos, Pickled, Gdansk Gallery of Photography
1993 - drawings, Gallery On the Piles, Gdansk

Poster exhibitions:
2005 - X International Biennale Theatre Poster Competition in Rzeszow
- 19 Biennale Polish Poster in Katowice
2004 - design, "The paper fixation", Gdansk, Warsow, Cracov
2003 - Graphic Responses - Colorado International Invitational Poster Exhibition, USA,http://www.colostate.edu/Depts/Art/responses
- Poland in UE, Poster Exhibition, Katowice
- 18 Biennale Polish Poster in Katowice
2002 - First Poster Saloon in Gdańsk, Museum City of Gdańsk
2001 - 17 Biennale Polish Poster in Katowice
- ŻAK exhibition after competition
1996 - after competition; Gwarant S.A., Gdansk

Creation of concepts, creative brief, Art direction of Creative teams Design of graphics, logo and corporate identity, illustration, desktop publishing, photography, web design, digital work, animation, production, pre-press. Organization of the exhibitions. Manual work - ilustrations, paintings, drawings.

Adobe Pagemaker, Quark Xpress, Macromedia Freehand, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Director

Realised www projects:
My another portfolio;

Crazy wild bike rides, real reportage stories, 70`s music, psychology, independent cinema. Meny Individual and group exhibitions in - illustration, drawings and photography. Curator and organisation an exhibitions in Poland and Canada.

I am authorised to work in the UK, Poland and few other European countries.

1. Prof. Jerzy Krechowicz
Academy of Fine Art
80-836 Gdansk, Targ Weglowy 6
Phone; +48 58 301 44 40

2. Manager Jacek Tomaszewski
Phone; +48 58 305 13 14

3. Bronislawa Dejna
Baltic See Culture
80-851 Gdansk, Korzenna 33/35
Phone; +48 58 301 10 51
4. Director Maciej Nowak
National Teathre in Gdansk
80-834 Gdansk, Sw. Ducha 2
Phone; +48 58 301 70 21